After more than twenty years of in-home childcare experience, Sarah decided to share her wisdom on the best (and occasionally, worst) products for parents. After living with three kids of her own in 1500 sqft, she realizes that finding the best products can take time. In hopes of saving other parents time, effort, and headaches trying different products, Sarah records her experiences. Combining a background in writing and engineering with childcare, Sarah brings a unique perspective to reviewing products. Through the beauty of Amazon Associates, every time you buy $20 worth of stuff from Amazon via links from this blog, Sarah earns a quarter cup of coffee. Too bad she doesn’t drink coffee. Adult-only drinks cost much more.

All products on this site remain independent opinions rather than sponsored posts, and the site lists the  best source when possible, even without benefit to the author. If it’s not sold through Amazon, Sarah gets nothing but kudos for sharing.

Happy parenting!