Total Baby: Total Must-Have

Best App For Tracking Everything Babytotal-baby

  • What: Information tracking app for your phone
  • Why: To remember everything so you don’t have to
  • Where: App store

I don’t know how many baby apps are out there for any kind of phone, because I’ve only ever used one. Total Baby. It does everything, and the designers are super responsive to requests from customers.

I am one of those super technical types, who loves numbers, so Total Baby is a dream come true for me. I enter anything I ever wanted to know about my kid into it, and I can look at patterns, frequency, and graphs. The home screen includes how long it’s been since we last completed any activity, from eating to bathing. If you think that’s not important, you don’t have kids.

The best part? Total Baby is totally compatible between more than one phone. In other words, if my husband actually changes a diaper, he can enter it into the app on his phone, and the app on my phone will be automatically updated. I can export any data I want or need via a variety of methods, and I can get graphs and other metrics almost instantly.

Need to track the vaccines your baby has gotten? Use Total Baby. It will save you so much time filling out forms for school down the road. Need to know how often your baby poops? (You might not think that’s a thing, but every pediatrician I’ve met wants to know.) You got it at your fingertips. You can even record what color and kind of poop it was. Now you have a number for how bad that diarrhea really was, next time your mom friends want to compare. (Think you’ll never discuss these things? Think again!) You can record nursing, eating, pumping, sleeping, baths, diapers, and an entire category of miscellaneous things from tummy time (Is baby getting enough? Now you know!) to medications. Don’t think you’ll ever forget how long it’s been since your child had the last dose, or how much you gave them? Try a few sleepless nights combined with multiple middle of the night wakings and see if you remember how long it’s been since they got that last dose.

You can add notes to just about any entry, and it includes an area for diary entries, milestones (who rolled over for the first time today and which way?), doctor visits, and more. Most entries have space for notes, so I record my questions for the next check up there and never forget to ask at our appointment. I enter my kid’s measurements right in the doctor’s office as soon as I get them, and don’t have to worry about keeping track of more paperwork. 

I tracked all of my pumping sessions there, both in duration and volume. I also tracked when we used the pumped milk, so I always knew how much we had in storage and how many ounces we used daily. Even without breastfeeding, I can’t imagine not having this app.

Total Baby can easily manage information on multiple children, even when I can’t. I know people raised kids without the assistance of electronic information storage, but I have no idea how.

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