Weather or Not

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Defeat Any Weather in Any Mode of Transport


  • What: RoSK Woobee Plush All Weather Blanket
  • Why: Keeps your kid warm and dry
  • Where: Amazon or  RoSK

If you live in an urban area or anywhere else that you go out multiple times a week in all sorts of weather, consider making the investment in a RoSK Woobee blanket.

I know tons of weather-proof blankets exist, but I’ve only ever needed one. Like most weather resistant items, Woobee features super plush on one side and completely weatherproofing on the other. The permanently attached ties distinguish the Woobee from any other blanket for me. The ties attach the blanket onto a stroller, a car seat, or pretty much any baby carrier. Located about a third of the way down the blanket, the ties leaves plenty of extra tucking material even after tying.

Woobee Plush All Weather Blanket

You can certainly save some money and tuck in a blanket around your child whether they ride in a carrier or stroller. But if you’re like me and you don’t like stopping even more often to tuck them in again, consider a blanket that attaches. My kids have never gotten Woobee unattached, and I like it so much that it stays on our main stroller year-round. In fact, it never comes off unless I wash it. I love mine in red and orange but they offer several different color combinations to go with any color preference. I’m including a link to the company directly so you can see all the color options, though I think Amazon shipping provides a better deal if you care less about color.


I tied ours onto either side of the stroller where the sun canopy attaches, and tuck the edges in around the bottom of the stroller frame. That might not work on every stroller, but when my kids don’t need it, the blanket hangs freely and their legs rest on top of it. If the weather changes or they get cold from the park, it’s right there ready to go. My older kids can even tuck and untuck themselves as needed.

Retailing at $58, Woobees fall into the category of luxury items for me. You can certainly do without one, but if someone’s going to be buying you a present anyway, it might as well be something you will use often. Otherwise check local consignment shops and online ads and grab one secondhand at a discount. These blankets hold up extremely well. The ties on mine haven’t budged even after three kids pulling, climbing, and tugging on it, and the material still looks great, with only minimal fading. If I took it off ever and didn’t have it parked in direct light, I’m guessing that wouldn’t be an issue either, but it hasn’t affected the functionality at all.

If you’re considering a rain cover, I’d look into Woobee as well. I think it functions much better, is way easier to use, and combined with the sun canopy on our stroller it keeps my kid dry. We bought a rain cover specifically for our stroller and we might’ve used it once. It’s still shoved in a drawer. Unlike rain covers, the Woobee can move from stroller to stroller or even car seat or carrier with ease, and it folds down small enough to go in a diaper bag or live in your car.

The only downside to owning a Woobee blanket? Now I can’t use my kid getting cold or wet as an excuse to avoid leaving the house.

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