Cut Fingernails, Not Fingersgraco-deluxe-nail-clipper

  • What: Baby fingernail clippers
  • Why: Illuminated and small size
  • Where: Amazon

If you’ve had a baby, you’ve probably already experienced the horror of trying to trim their teeny tiny fingernails. I don’t know a single parent who hasn’t accidentally clipped their child at least once. In fact, if they say only once, I’m pretty sure they lied. I’ve lost count of the number of times it happened to me, despite my best efforts and the fact that I usually cry harder than the baby when it happens.

Babies are small. Their fingernails resemble paper, not cardboard, and babies don’t generally sit still. I know some people say to trim their fingernails while they sleep, but I’ve never been that crazy. I’m not willing to sacrifice anyone’s sleep for shorter fingernails. And if they are awake? They move. A lot. Simply holding on to them takes two hands, so who has one left for trimming?

I have fallen in love with this fingernail clipper, because it has a light. You wouldn’t think a tiny light would make that much of a difference, but it really reduced my fingernail trim anxiety. Plus, the clippers themselves  angle better because they are smaller than regular fingernail clippers and can get in the smaller, tighter spaces of a baby’s nails. The light also mesmerizes some babies, so they watch it instead of what I’m doing.

A couple of other hints: try propping baby up in your lap, with their back to your stomach, so they face out away from you. I find it much easier to trim nails when their hands are facing in this direction. For older babies who constantly try to grab the clippers from your hands, preventing trimming, give them something novel to hold onto with the hand you aren’t clipping, so you can actually get the nails on the other hand cut. I often let my toddler have a turn with the clippers once we’re done, since they want to figure out how it works and what makes that little light turn on and off.

In six years, I’ve been through two pairs of these, because the light on the first pair finally burned out. But beware. I don’t know if no one else has discovered them, or if they sell out that fast, but they are currently unavailable at Amazon. We got ours originally from the local drugstore, but when we went back to get a second pair, they had stopped selling them, too. We ended up finding them online from a random retailer and it was totally worth it, but you may have to hunt down a pair as well. I found these with a light on Amazon, but I can’t confirm they work as well as the ones where the light shines down on eggshell fingernails.

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