Badger Me No More

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Soothing Skincare For All Ages


  • What: Badger Baby Balm
  • Why: Cures all skincare ills
  • Where: Amazon

I’m addicted to Badger Baby Balm. This olive oil based cream in a can does double or even triple duty in my household. I use it for cloth diaper friendly diaper rash (thanks to cloth diapers, we have little of that), eliminating cradle cap, soothing owies, hand cream for myself, and any number of other uses I’m sure I’ve already forgotten. It’s my go-to solution for pretty much any skin-related issue.

For cradle cap, I massage some of that stuff into their scalp and it clears up within a couple days. It eventually comes back, but I simply reapply and away it goes. I use it for that purpose at most once a month for my bald babies, where the appearance really disturbed me, and much less for my infant who actually had hair.

Badger Baby Balm on Amazon

For diaper rash, I rub it into the affected area, and unlike most diaper creams, it’s compatible with all my cloth diapers because it comes out in the wash. The all natural ingredients also make me love it more, and worry less about exposing my kid to toxic substances.

At around $10 for two ounces, it isn’t expensive. Because I don’t need to use a big glop of it, and one application cures most things, I don’t buy it frequently. In six years, I think I’ve bought maybe five containers, and that includes the tiny one for use on the go. (Full disclosure: I rarely used it out and about, but got so addicted, I felt the need to have one with me at all times just in case.)

It smells good without being overly scented, and I find the aroma calming. I’ve used it as substitute for lip balm for myself and my kids (like I said, it’s all natural so I worry less if they lick it all off), and I’ve used it on my child’s eczema and rashes with excellent results, too.

If I had to pick one baby skincare product, Badger Baby Balm would win. No competition.

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