Bottlenecks and Bottle Cleaning

Get Bottles, Nipples, and Accessories Cleaner Fastermunchkin-bottle-brush-1

  • What: Munchkin Deluxe Bottle Brush
  • Why: Longest lasting and two brushes in one
  • Where: Amazon

Cleaning bottles can be, well, a bottleneck, especially if you pump and fly through the bottles that attach to your breast pump. I have a strong preference for Munchkin’s Deluxe Bottle Brush – the best one out there as far as I’m concerned.

I love that the suction cup on the tip of the handle keeps the brush standing on one end, and allows it dry. Because it doesn’t have to go in my dish drying rack, it never gets contaminated with other food stuff.

I’ve had mine for six years and it looks as good as new. It hasn’t grown anything, it hasn’t broken, and it hasn’t bent into unusual shapes. The color hasn’t faded a bit even though I park mine on the windowsill above the kitchen sink. I’m sure you could run it through the dishwasher if it met with any unfortunate disasters, but I’ve never even had to do that with mine. I do use it only for bottles and pumping supplies.

The brush head squeezes into most tight bottle necks and the bristles spring out once it’s through the constriction to thoroughly clean the inside. As an added bonus, a second smaller wire brush hides inside the handle. It fits into any place the main brush head won’t go, while the brush handle keeps it covered and free from dirt and grit when not in use. The smaller brush works perfectly for most bottle nipples, where unmixed formula likes to lodge, while the larger brush takes care of everything else inside and out. The smaller brush also reaches into the tiniest valves on my pumping assembly with no problem, and into the corners of the clear breast shield where gunk likes to build up.

Don’t get confused with other bottle brushes, particularly the ones with a metal twisted handle. Munchkin’s regular (non-deluxe) bottle brush features that kind of handle, and I can tell you it’s possible to break it from everyday use because I’ve done it. After bending into the odd angles of varies bottles and their attachments, the wire gives out and breaks in two at the weak point.


I’ve also used an Avent brand one with a solid plastic handle and angled head, but although it did the job, the bristles quickly flattened and it wore out in only a few months. I was actually quite happy to see it go (it came in a gift set) because I had an excuse to go buy the Munchkin Deluxe one that I love.

Munchkin also has a new LATCH branded bottle brush out that looks very similar. If you can’t find the Deluxe version, try this option instead.

Once you’re out of the bottle business, you can easily start using the brush for your regular dishes or anything else that needs a good scrub.

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