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Best Bibs for Fast Cleaning


  • What: Bumkins Waterproof SuperBibs
  • Why: Easy to clean and fast to dry
  • Where: Amazon

I have been head over heels for Bumkins bibs for years and years. Once I had my own kids, I bought only Bumkins for feeding. (Bibs for drooling and spitting up is a separate issue.) They cost about $15 for a three pack.

Bumkins bib with pocket and velcro in pink rocker print
This Bumkins bib went through two kids before it got passed down to my three, and it still looks great after all those kids and feedings.

Much like my diaper covers, I wanted my bibs to be quick drying. I liked to clean them between feedings (because who wants to find that goop several hours later?) and have them be good to go again by the next feeding. As I started solids once a day, cleaning, drying, and reusing, was no big deal. But once we worked our way up to three or more feedings per day, the ease of cleaning and quick air drying became crucial.

Once we got into actual food rather than mush, the pocket also became crucial. I much preferred for missed or dropped bits to end up in the pocket instead of in my baby’s lap or chair. It’s also comically easy to dump the pocket out to empty it into sink or elsewhere and the pocket reverses in a snap for thorough yet quick cleaning, yet never once did my any of my kids empty the pocket onto themselves.

Bumkins Waterproof Super Bibs on Amazon

You can easily throw these bibs in the dishwasher or the washing machine, but I’ve never needed to do that. I hosed them down in the sink, hung them on a hook or the tap to dry, and it was good to go the next time I reached for it. If it wasn’t not messy, or I was feeling energetic, I hung it on the back of my baby’s seat, ready to go for next time.

I love these so much that I always packed one with me in my diaper bag. It folds down super small and is extremely lightweight so I left one in the bag at all times. The only issue was remembering to take it out and clean it properly once we got home after using it. I learned to hang it off the diaper bag strap so I wouldn’t forget, but I learned that trick the hard way. I won’t go into detail about what can grow, but I can tell you it all came off and the bib was good as new even afterwards.

Durability is a strong selling point to me as well. I’ve had one piece of Velcro fall off one of my bibs in six years, and that’s only because Grandma cleaned it so well. One of the bibs’ waterproof backing material finally cracked in multiple places, but I can’t really complain since it lasted through regular use for six years.

Bumkins waterproof bib close up of Velcro closure after many years of use
You can see the Velcro is still in good shape on this Bumkins bib even after so many kids used it.

The only option I’d like to see on these bibs is a tie in the back. I love the Velcro, but all it takes for an infant to get it off is one good yank and poof! Food all over me, the floor, and pretty much anywhere but the baby’s mouth. I solved the battle of bib versus no bib by either quietly and repeatedly (and repeatedly and repeatedly for a couple of sittings) replacing it each time they took it off until they got tired of the game. I’ve also used a safety pin to fasten it at the back and that takes care of the issue quickly, too.

Disney Mickey mouse bumkins mini bib
Bumkins has Disney prints as well, like this small size for younger infants that we received as a gift.

With more than twenty patterns to choose from, you can find some you don’t mind looking at for several years. The three pack is probably plenty, though I freely admit I own more than six. Then again, I fed more than one kid in a bib more than once a day for more than a year, so we used a lot of bibs.

Bumkins long sleeved bibs on Amazon

If you prefer sleeves on your bibs, there’s an option for that as well. I use a long-sleeved bib for water play and art projects even now. I didn’t like cleaning the sleeves after every meal, though. Instead, I opted for a different trick: push their shirt sleeves up before they start eating. I found skin much easier to wipe off after meals than cleaning and drying the extra fabric on the long-sleeved bibs.

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