You Deserve It

Indulge in Some Cute Yet Practical Undergarmentsyou-deserve-it-1

  • What: You! Lingerie
  • Why: Maternity and nursing bras are boring and bland
  • Where: You! Lingerie

Maybe you are as sick of boring nursing and maternity bras as me. I mean, seriously, it’s as if when you gestate, you also become as inconspicuous as possible, especially in the lingerie department. If hosting another living being wasn’t rough enough, not even remotely fitting into your lingerie makes it worse. And having never had boobs, much less ones that needed so much support, I hated the black and nude ban on color in every maternity shop.

I totally lucked into You! Lingerie and I’m eternally grateful for it. Their bras have so much more character without compromising a bit of the crucial support or ease of access I needed for nursing. In fact, I found their bras to have better, thicker, more supportive straps than any other brand I tried without resorting to sports bra type fashions. Since one of my boobs was plenty big enough, I had no interest in squishing them together to create a giant uni-boob in a sports bra.

I loved their products so much that I’ve sent my closest girlfriends gift certificates in case they needed the extra pampering and indulgence as well.

The only caveat for me was sizing. I tried two different cup sizes before I got it right, so if there’s a store near you where you can test drive the fit, I highly recommend stomping over there. But the company has an excellent return policy for a full refund or store credit. They must know that hormonal mamas can change sizes faster than the mail delivers.


Amber Plum Nursing and Maternity Bra and Panty Set by You! Lingerie

I bought a matching set of bra and panties for myself, and it’s still in excellent condition after three babies and two pregnancies. (I didn’t discover them until after I had my first child.) The thick, soft lining hides my nipples even in the worst scenario, and never chafes. I love the color choices, I love the extra details like the accents on the straps (which might be practical as well – in my sleep deprived delirium, the bright spot of color helped me find the clasps and tell which side was the front), and I love the fun, flirty vibe.

My husband is also a huge fan, though I doubt he’d be able to tell you it was a nursing bra, much less the brand. Go ahead and indulge in something that makes you feel fun and fabulous. You’re more than worth it, and so is this lingerie.

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