Boon for Bath Time

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Scoop Bath Toys in A Flash

  • What: Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy Scoop
  • Why: Easy bath time clean up and increased storage
  • Where: Amazon

I’m almost willing to kiss this frog even though I know it won’t ever turn into a prince. In fact, I might be devastated if it did turn into royalty. I’ve never known a man who cleaned the tub and although I’ve never asked, I’m pretty sure members of the royal family don’t pick up after themselves either.

This frog basically does both, and I wouldn’t want any other bath toy storage. Not only can it hold a ton of bath toys in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the body of the frog detaches. Then you can use it to scoop up the toys, and the water drains out of the holes. I swim the frog around a time or two until it captures all the toys and clean up is done.

Boon Frog Pod Bath Toy Scoop on Amazon

Installation is a snap. You stick the included adhesive to the mounting piece, slip the wall part over it, and the bucket hooks on top.

The mounted part of the Boon Frog Pod.

As a bonus, it hides an entire shelf hidden at the top, so it doubles as a storage spot for shampoo, body wash, and anything other bath products that need a home. I keep four bath products on it, and I like to hang my kids’ bath mitts off the top feet to dry. The rigid material also means I can shove more stuff off the lip of the bucket, and everything drains to the holes in the bottom to dry. You can definitely even hang a poof or washcloth off the feet on the bottom as illustrated.


I’ve had my frog for six years and replaced the adhesive once. And I don’t mean once three years ago. I mean once in the last three months. When I realized I’d never replaced the sticky stuff on the small frame, I took a serious look at it. That frog lives in the shower, where conditions are not ideal for longevity. Unlike the bath shelves I own that attach with suction cups, the frog stays put and has never been the cause of a loud bathroom crash that’s brought me running to investigate. I used regular double-sided mounting tape to replace the adhesive and haven’t thought about it since. While there doesn’t seem to be anything special about the adhesive, the entire thing is definitely awesome. I don’t know if the lightweight plastic helps the adhesive last longer or what, but I’m grateful for one less thing to think about.

Boon Frog Pod minus the bucket.

I will confess I cleaned a tiny bit of brown gunk off the bottom lip of the underside of the frog (the part attached to the wall) before I took a photo. Then again, I also stuck an octopus in the corner of the bath so no one had to look at anything that might be growing there. But I firmly believe the advertising that claims it reduces mold and mildew on toys. Unless you count the gunk that grows inside the hollow rubber toys when left filled with water, I’ve never seen anything growing on our toys. And if, unlike me, you want to clean your bath toys, you can easily rinse them off under the spigot once you’ve collected them all in the scoop.

If you prefer bugs to amphibians, the Boon bath pod also comes in a lovely ladybug variety.

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