Fuzzy Feet Without Fretting

Zutano fuzzy baby booties in blue with snap closure

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Banish the Sock Hunt Forever


  • What: Zutano Baby Cozie Fleece Bootie
  • Why: They don’t fall off
  • Where: Amazon

I swear by these Zutano fleece baby booties, not because they are so darn cute (which they are), but because they don’t fall off. I lost so many baby socks that I started putting the remaining mismatched ones together. I regularly retraced my route to find the missing sock with my first child when we were out and about.


Then I stumbled into these booties. My skinny-ankled kid also loved rubbing his feet together, and nothing stayed put, until I remembered these. The booties feature two snap settings at the ankle, and it works. I’ve not only never lost one of these, I’ve never even been back to look. And that’s from the person who made her husband go back into the electronics store and scour it for a baby sock when he came back to the car missing one, and then went back in herself and searched until she found it lying innocuously on the floor.

Infant wearing Zutano brand baby booties in blue in Baby Bjorn carrier
My infant son wearing Zutano baby booites in the Bjorn carrier.

They come in a non-fleece version as well, with a variety of cute patterns typical of the Zutano brand.

For extra warmth, you can layer a pair of socks underneath. But really once I starting using these booties, I stopped using socks until we got to the stage where my kids needed the grippers on the bottom for traction.

Zutano Baby Cozie Fleece Booties on Amazon

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