Flip Your Lid

Add a child’s potty without taking any extra spaceflip-your-lid-1

  • What: Built in child potty seat
  • Why: Space saving and easier clean up
  • Where: Amazon

Tight on space but still want a smaller toilet seat for your child? Take a look at integrated potty seats. The toilet lid contains a child-sized seat built into it and held in place by a magnet. When someone small needs to go, they tug gently and the smaller seat lowers down over the regular seat. Voila! Less mess, less stuff.


Child seat down


Child seat up and held in place by magnet

Instead of taking up potentially valuable square footage in tight spaces in the bathroom, this seat takes up no extra room. Ever get tired of dumping toddler training seats into the real potty? Since it sits over the regular toilet, you don’t do any extra clean up. No more worries about the dog eating out of the kid’s toilet before you discover they used the potty. No more spilling anything yucky anywhere when trying to empty the contents into the toilet to flush. And best of all, your toddler can’t take it out of the bathroom, so you don’t have to worry about tracking it down, or what it touched and what was left on it when it went on an adventure. Nor do you have to find a spot to store it when not in use. It works great for grandparents, caregivers, or anyone else who has occasional visitors that would like a seat their size.

Now if you could only get your child to flush, you’d be all set.

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