Hitching A Ride: Stroller Boards

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Add Kid Capacity Without Buying a New Stroller


  • What: Joovy Bumprider
  • Why: Increase the number of kids you can push
  • Where: Bumprider.com or secondhand

Have you seen the Joovy Caboose stroller? It’s got a seat on the back for an older kid, or the same kid can stand on the board that’s attached and ride around as well. I loved the idea, but when I used one, I found it super irritating. The kid in the back faces the back, which is great for infants but not so popular once they get bigger, and only kids big enough to sit up on their own can ride in the back seat. In that position, kids have to lean forward at a weird angle, and that allowed them to kick me, which didn’t make me happy either. Standing up was fine, but the stroller was long and didn’t handle well. It’s basically an extended umbrella stroller with the same maneuverability but much more weight on board.

Instead, if you have two kids and don’t feel like investing in a double stroller, I highly recommend looking into a stroller ride along board. Many brands, especially the higher end variety, offer their own brand specific board with a catchy name. But they are hard to find second hand and expensive to buy new.


Stroller boards come in two varieties: one wheel and two. I can make an argument for either, but it will come down to your own personal preference and stride. I like my one-wheeled board because it’s easier to bump up and down curbs, and I find it easy to shift slightly to one side or the other so my feet don’t bump the one wheel.

With my two-wheel board, I can shift my position so one foot goes in between the two wheels, and two wheels offer more stability for the kid riding as well.

If you can’t score a board made specifically for your stroller, check out the Joovy Bumprider. It claims to fit on all stroller types. Although I’ve only tried it on two kinds (an umbrella stroller and a bigger city stroller), it attached to both with no issues. A brand specific one will probably be quicker to attach, as the Bumprider can take some head wagging to figure out which pieces to adjust to get the right angle. But apparently the Bumprider was too practical, as it’s been discontinued (though you can go to bumprider.com to see if there’s a distributor near you). I can’t personally recommend any other brand, but it looks like there are two universal options out there currently: the Englacha Plastic Board Rider and the Lascal Buggy Board Maxi.

Englacha Plastic Board Rider on Amazon

I’d go with the Lascal Buggy Board Maxi if you own more than one stroller. You can buy extra sets of universal attachments and use the board with different strollers without purchasing an entire second board.

Lascal Buggy Board Maxi on Amazon

But I love my stroller board so much, I’m recommending it even though it’s been discontinued. If you are lucky enough to score one on eBay or craigslist, grab it before it’s gone. I liked mine so much that I got a brand-specific board for my other stroller. Check out more reviews for all types of stroller boards.

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