Lock Your Garbage

Prevent Your Toddler From Eating Trashsimple-human-trash-can-1

  • What: Simple Human Semi-Round Step Trash Can
  • Why: Keep kids and pets out of the trash
  • Where: Amazon

In case your toddler also gets hungry and starts sampling from the trash can, I recommend investing in the Simple Human Semi-Round Step Trash Can. Not only does it come with a lid you can lock with one hand, but you can open it with no hands! The addition of a simple foot pedal means that when your arms are full of infant, you can still toss a wipe, a diaper, or anything other refuse that’s finally made it from its resting spot to the trash can.

This trash can not only defeated my toddler, but our dumpster-diving dog. I can slide the lock in place with one hand, and unhook it one-handed, too. It uses regular garbage bags and, at 13 gallons, holds enough trash for a week with a family of five that also recycles. It comes in seven color choices, and I love that I can use the lock only if needed. Once my kid outgrew the trash eating stage, I can leave it unlocked and not hinder opening the garbage can. Opening it by either hand or foot means no one has an excuse for leaving garbage lying around, and I no longer have to wrench meat-soiled paper out of my toddler’s mouth. (And yet he still will barely eat a chicken nugget. I’ve clearly been going about this menu planning thing wrong. Perhaps if I shoved whatever I cooked in the trash can and told him not to eat it, I’d have better luck.)

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