The Grass Is Greener

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Dry Your Feeding Accessories Faster

  • What: Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack
  • Why: More room and fits any bottle accessory
  • Where: Amazon

I classify this product under “things you don’t think about but that manufacturers have thought about for you.” It never occurred to me that my current dish rack would be insufficient for all the bottles, nipples, sippy cups, and other child-feeding accessories out there. Boy, was I wrong. I saw this strange-looking product in the store and had to investigate.

It turns out the “grass” holds onto objects in exactly the random position I stick them in, allowing everything from pacifiers to sippy cups and straws to dry quickly. I can clean it with a quick run through the dishwasher.

Boon Drying Rack in white on Amazon

Despite what the cute product photos show, I can cram so much stuff onto my grass it’s ridiculous. I have three kids and I keep all their sippy cups, sippy cup lids, and sippy cups valves, as well as their water bottles, on that thing. That leaves my actual dish rack free for real dishes.

Our Boon Grass drying rack holds tons of cups and accessories.

I’ve used plenty of other bottle drying racks, most of which look much less appealing. And things regularly slid off them, or water ended up in a puddle underneath them,or both.

Boon Stem Drying Rack Accessory on Amazon

To get the most out of your grass, get the Twig and Stem attachments as well. I use both for drying valves (and back in the day, nipples and the valves for pumping as well), and wish I had bought both earlier for my first and second child’s bottle and cup accessories.

Book Twig Drying Rack Accessory on Amazon

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