What’s In a Name?

Review Possibilities For Your Baby’s Monikerswistle-baby-names

  • What: Baby naming advice
  • Why: Unbiased opinions on your baby name dilemmas
  • Where: Swistle

I’ve already admitted to my baby name addiction. Just visiting Swistle to confirm it still existed reeled me in, and I read at least three posts before I managed to drag myself away.

If you have any sort of baby name dilemma, or you want another take on what sounds like the best idea ever for your baby’s name, check out this site. I would also recommend it for anyone stuck on bed rest as I can get sucked in for literally hours. Between the “are people really thinking of cursing their kid like that” and “how does she not make fun of them” lie the super helpful naming ideas and questions to help you figure out your own child’s name without ever having to write in and confess. Don’t expect to see tons of graphs. Swistle backs up her suggestions with hard data from sources like the Social Security Administration, but it’s a much more conversational and situation-specific site. You’ll still find plenty of gems in the oodles of advice, however.

My favorite reason to stalk Swistle when I’m expecting? It’s a great way to get pros and cons on any name worth considering – without having to tell anyone what you’re thinking of using.

To be considered for a response to your question, you have to include names you’ve rejected and why, finalist names, the baby’s gender, names of other children, and theoretical stuff like how many children you plan to have, as well as your surname or something that sounds similar to sound out names. Swistle can help you with dilemmas like “Is Donald Donaldson really cruel or cool?” “Can I use Avery for a girl or a boy?” “How Many Middle Names Makes Sense?” and any other naming convention you want to follow or buck.

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