Oh Boy Oball

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Catch Any Baby’s Attention


  • What: Oball toy
  • Why: Easy for little fingers to grasp, lightweight
  • Where: Amazon

For a universally loved baby toy, forget Sophie the Giraffe. Try an Oball. I have yet to meet an infant who wasn’t obsessed with this simple concept: a ball made from connected open circles. That means it offers almost infinite ways to grasp it. If, like a baby, you haven’t quite mastered the concept of using your fingers to grab things, this toy could be your new favorite, too.

Oball on Amazon

The open holes all over the ball mean almost any infant can grasp the ball with just their natural reflex to close their hand when something touches their palm. It still rolls away, but the flat surface area keeps it from going as far as perfectly spherical objects, which comes in extremely handy when you’re the one playing fetch every few seconds. The bright colors help attract interest, and the ball can easily attach to almost anything – stroller, car seat, child carrier – with a simple addition of a toy link or two. (If you don’t already own some spare links, make the tiny investment here to save yourself oodles of future headaches.)

My eldest munching on his O Ball

The bright colors attract attention and the soft plastic means you can compact this toy into almost any bag and take it with you. The light weight means it doesn’t add to your already overloaded bag, and if your little one drops it on their face while playing on their backs? They laugh instead of cry. For older kids, it can be safely thrown even inside. Best of all, you can clean it in the dishwasher to disinfect it after any illness or friends that slobber on it.

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