Sacked Out

Superior Sleep Sackssleep-sack-1

  • What: Halo Wearable Blankets
  • Why: Safety and warmth
  • Where: Amazon

I’m a firm believer in sleep sacks, also known as wearable blankets in some places. Once we stopped swaddling our infants somewhere between ages four and six months, we used a sleep sack until past their second birthday.

If you’re a parent, you already know you can’t put anything in the crib with your infant to avoid suffocation risks. That includes blankets and pillows and even those crib bumpers you see in all the cute nursery photos selling complete crib sets of linens. Instead of using blankets, which pose a suffocation risk, we used sleep sacks. Sleep sacks provide plenty of warmth, but because they are worn, they can’t cover an infant’s face. They come with or without sleeves.

I love the Halo brand sleep sacks because they come in a large range of sizes and patterns. They also lasted through three kids with zero need for repairs. We started at the six month size, and got one or two in every size until they moved out of their cribs.

You don’t need to buy sleep sacks before the baby arrives, and I never bought the smallest sizes (newborn or three months) because they outgrew them so fast and we never used them until later due to swaddling. Some sleep sacks do come with swaddle panels attached, so that’s an option if you want to use sleep sacks earlier or continue to give the comfy feel of swaddling after you move to the sleep sack stage.

With my first two kids, I had two sleep sacks in the six month size, when they still yarped and pooped things frequently. By twelve months, I had only one, with a backup in the next size up, eighteen months, in case of any unfortunate accidents. With my third child, I did break down and buy the sleep sack at IKEA because it was irresistibly cute. He also had a tendency to wet his sleep sacks overnight, so I could justify the extra purchase.

I know some people love the Aden + Anais brand of muslin sleep sacks. I’ve never been a fan. The super lightweight fabric is great if you live somewhere with a really warm climate, I’m sure. But we’ve never had that problem, and I found, when using them, that the thin fabric wore out very fast. I could probably live with one hole here and there, but what’s the point when I have a brand I love that hasn’t worn out in three kids, much less three months? Halo sleep sacks come in a variety of fabrics. I got two in the first size, one in a lightweight summer cotton and one in a heavier velour winter fleece, and couldn’t have been happier with both of them.

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