Activities for Rookie Moms

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Ideas For New Parents’ Enrichment


  • What: The Rookie Mom’s Handbook
  • Why: Practical, fun, easy to read in bits and pieces
  • Where: Amazon

I received this small book as a gift, and I’m still super grateful to whatever mom gave it to me. Although I can’t remember who did me the favor, I know it was a mom because only a mom would understand how useful it is. It claims to boost confidence and maintain individuality both with and without your infant, and I can’t argue because I think it does both.

I love that the book divides into sections based on your child’s age, from months one to twelve, but even more that it focuses on motherhood. It contains 250 tips and tricks from two moms who’ve been there and done that. Each tip takes about ten seconds to read, and you can read as much as you like before the baby wakes up or you fall asleep.

The Rookie Mom’s Handbook on Amazon

This book told me to use eyeliner to make myself look more awake. Only a mom understands the sleep deprivation common to new parents, and make a practical suggestion about how to fix the effects if not the underlying problem. I still use eyeliner six years later because it makes me look, and therefore, feel, more awake. Other pages I marked include tip #87 – Play in Another Kind of Nursery and #116 – Heighten the Contrast of Your Photos coupled with #118 – Give Your Back a Break.

It’s one of seven books still on my parenting bookshelf after I’m done having kids. (Your Child At Play: Birth to One Year is one of the other seven, as well as a baby name book.) I referenced it with both my second and third kids, as well, though admittedly not as frequently. Add it to your list today and let someone else do the thinking for you.

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