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  • What: Infant toy links
  • Why: Attach any toy to almost anything
  • Where: Amazon

Prevent Toys From Traveling Without Permission

Thinking about having a baby? Then think about adding this one simple item to your baby registry: a pack of toy links. Until your little bundle of joy arrives, you can’t imagine how many things you might want to attach, or how many attachments could kill your child in how many different ways. That safety pin? It’s a health hazard. Not only can an infant poke themselves and bleed, but they could swallow it and choke. And die.

Ditto with tape, which is suddenly a silent killer. A small wad of tape is just fascinating enough to touch. But then it sticks to little fingers. The best way to remove it before total finger dexterity? By mouth of course. Cue the choking, dying scene again.

Bright Starts Lots of Links Accessory Toy on Amazon

Instead these infant-approved toy links come with a variety of toys for a good reason: they work. But when you lose one, it pays to have a stash handy. You can also clip several together to reach further or attach two toys together for a new fascinating plaything. Fair warning though: depending on size, more than five or so linked together also creates a strangulation hazard.

The bright colors supposedly stimulate little minds but actually make it easier for you to locate them. The different textures can double as a toy or even a teether on their own. I used them to attach toys to play mats, swings, car seats, baby carriers, and even high chairs.

I attached several toys with links to the loops of my Johnny Jump Up swing.

I’m well past the infant stage but still use these things to hook backpack straps that fall off little shoulders by linking straps together in the front where little hands can easily reach and work them.

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