Blanketing the Best

Splurging on Small Luxurieslittle-giraffe-blanky-1

  • What: Little Giraffe Blankets
  • Why: Luxuriously soft and long lasting
  • Where: Amazon

I’ve always coveted these super fluffy baby blankets with the silky soft border for myself, but couldn’t bring myself to pay the exorbitant price. By the time my third child arrived, I had not only gotten smart, but also gotten everything I could possibly need to raise an infant and then some.

That left me with luxury items, like this chenille blanky. I didn’t need it, my newborn didn’t need it, but I love it all the more as a result. If there’s one thing you don’t need more of by the time you get to your third child, it’s baby blankets. They outgrow them relatively fast (within a year), but it’s a great gift because size doesn’t matter. And blankets come in handy, but you don’t need to keep increasing your collection as you increase your family.

Cue this little bundle of softness. I added one of the tiny (and therefore less expensive overall, if not per square inch) to my third child’s wish list. Finding toys for your baby that you don’t already own by the third time around provides a challenge. Newborns don’t have a long list of wants or needs during prime gifting seasons like Christmas, but people will still give your newborn presents.

I’m glad I did. I still can’t say I would spend my own money on it, but if someone else is going to spend money on us, then it might as well be on something both my child and I can love. As an added bonus, they don’t outgrow it. With years and years of love, I’ve seen the silky border fray, but otherwise the blanket stays super soft and cozy and shows little wear or tear even under harsh conditions.

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