Labeling Life

Lable Daddy labels in bright blue

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Personalized Stickers That Work for Everything


  • What: Label Daddy Name Labels
  • Why: Reunite with lost items
  • Where: LabelDaddy

I can’t live without Label Daddy labels. Once my first child entered preschool, we had to label all his possessions. That meant his shoes, his bag, his cup, his lunch box (inside and out!), and pretty much anything else that ever left the house with him. I used painters’ tape and a Sharpie until I discovered Label Daddy, and I’ll never go back.

Label Daddy labels stick even through the dishwasher or washing machine. They come in a huge variety of colors and designs, as well as multiple sizes. I use them on sippy cups, hats (oh, the number of hats that have been thrown overboard and never seen again before I discovered Label Daddy!), bags, swimsuits, towels – you name it, I’ve probably stuck a label on it.

I label everything. I wish I had discovered them earlier, during the infant stage, so I would’ve lost less stuff back then. But you can benefit from my losses and get some as soon as you know your baby’s name. Or put your own name and contact info on them.


I can easily stick a new label over the old one once items pass down from one child to the next. The labels stick firmly to every surface I’ve tried, from cloth to slippery plastic. It’s so much better than the tape and marker method. They come in generous numbers, and so far, I’ve only used up one batch with my six year old. He loved picking out the picture and color for his new labels, and since you can preview them online, we knew exactly what to expect. We’ve always gone with the return address label option for everything, but Label Daddy offers tons of shapes and sizes to fit any need.

I use Label Daddy on everything now, including my own personal belongings, like electronics and bags.

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