Crib Escape Prevention

Extra benefits from wearing sleep sackscrib-escape-3

  • What: Halo Sleep Sack Wearable Blanket
  • Why: Keep toddlers in bed
  • Where: Amazon

You may already know I love sleep sacks for both warmth and safety. What you might not know is a handy trick that can help with toddlers escaping their cribs. You can put a sleep sack on backwards, so the zipper runs up their back instead of their front. That alone keeps them from removing the sleep sack themselves. It’s kind of like a corset from back in the old days, where someone had to help you get in and out of it.


The advantage to a sleep sack that doesn’t come off? It prevents most infant and toddlers from being able to swing one leg up onto the crib railing. That’s the usual (though definitely not only) means for escaping the crib before you’re ready for them to be free – like at night time when they want to play and you want to sleep. Or in the morning, when they want to play, and you want to sleep. You get the idea.

A backwards sleep sack can postpone the inevitable several months, if not longer, with zero harm to anyone.

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