Bopping Around

Best Pillow For Breastfeeding Comfortboppy-1

  • What: Boppy breastfeeding pillow
  • Why: Less arm ache, easy to clean, multiple uses
  • Where: Amazon

Although I’ve only breastfed three kids, I’ve used the Boppy pillow for years. I loved it so much that with my own kids I got two. I kept one in the bedroom and one for the rest of the house so I wouldn’t have to lug it around from place to place for nighttime and daytime breastfeeding sessions. It worked in bed, on the sofa, and in the rocking chair for nursing comfort just about anywhere.


My eldest using a Boppy pillow to recline

I know some people who love it so much they take it with them wherever they go.

I loved the fact that the Boppy has a cover. That means that not only can I take the cover off and wash it when it inevitably gets baby urp on it, but that I could coordinate the colors with my nursery or my bedroom or my living room or just for fun. It made the Boppy look new with each child at a much lower cost than purchasing an entire new pillow.


Using the Boppy as a cushion while practicing sitting skills

Some people love the My Breast Friend pillow. I’d imagine it comes down to personal preference, but I hated the buckle on the My Breast Friend. It required two hands to fasten, and holding a hungry, wailing infant, neither of us had the patience to wait while I made that happen. I also didn’t like the flatter edges on the My Breast Friend and preferred the softer, rounder curves on the Boppy.


Some bunny surrounded by the safe cushioning of the Boppy

Best of all, I used the Boppy for much more than breast feeding. It worked perfectly to prop up my infants for tummy time. Once they started sitting up, it made a great support for them and cushioned their inevitable tumbles sideways and backwards. If you have an infant with acid reflux or any other condition that precludes them lying flat on their backs, Boppy can help with that too. It works great as a support for an inclined position on the floor, too.


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