Calming the Noise

Protecting Fragile Ear Drumsear-bubs

  • What: Ear Bubs infant ear protection
  • Why: Safeguard hearing
  • Where: Amazon

We used Em’s 4 Bubs hearing protection with our third child. In case you want to know why we didn’t use them with our first two, it’s because we were too terrified to take them anywhere. By the third child in four years, we became desperate or more adventurous or perhaps both. And it didn’t hurt that he came out much more mellow than the other two. He attended two movies in theaters not meant for children before he turned six months old.

Those outings inspired me to try taking him to a soccer match instead of passing up on awesome free tickets. In our town, soccer fans can be the loudest crowd out there. Despite fancy seats, I worried about the high volume of noise, and purchased Em’s 4 Bubs.

They worked like a charm. The ear coverings come on a stretchy elastic band that stays put and offers a more comfortable, personal fit. The earmuffs move freely along the band to position them in place. Our child fell asleep during the soccer match – and stayed asleep even when the home team scored multiple times!


At the game sporting our new Em’s 4 Bubs earmuffs!

Since the ear muffs slip on and off easily, you could use only one at a time, though I can’t imagine a situation where that’d be applicable. Maybe if your baby fell asleep with one ear already covered and you wanted to cover the other ear? These could certainly do that.

I used them on airplanes as well after that, and for loud events like air shows as well. They aren’t cheap, but if you want to attend certain events with your infant, they do a fantastic job. In a pinch, I bet they’d work for you, too, to drown out some crying children.

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