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Adding Accessories to My Mom Wardrobe


  • What: Chewbeads jewelry
  • Why: Safe, attractive, easy to carry and clean
  • Where: Amazon

I stopped wearing jewelry when I had my own kids. I might’ve continued to wear my rings, if my fingers weren’t constantly swelling. But necklaces and bracelets remained off limits, until I discovered Chewbeads. I loved them from day one, but couldn’t justify the cost when I had zero income as a stay at home mom. Instead, I added them to my wish list for gifts and waited, somewhat patiently, for someone else to help me out.

Chewbeads 03

Tribeca Necklace from Chewbeads

Once I got my first Chewbeads courtesy of a very nice relative, I couldn’t resist buying more. I loved looking more put together, and feeling like I was wearing real clothes, and that’s what Chewbeads did for me. The fact that my kids could both chew on them as teething toys and play with them only increased their appeal. I never worried about them breaking the necklaces or bracelets and could sanitize them in the dishwasher between kids or after a particularly nasty bout of stomach flu.

Chewbeads Perry Teething Necklace

Perry Necklace on Chewbeads

Even though all three of my kids have passed the teething stage, I still love my Chewbeads. I can roll my bangle on just about any surface to entertain a tired toddler, and when I leave my kids and they complain, I can offer them one of “mama’s” bracelets to wear while I’m gone and not worry about them choking on tiny pieces or losing any parts.

Chewbeads Skinny Charles stacking bangles

Skinny Stackable Charles Bangles from Chewbeads

Chewbeads come in many colors and styles to brighten any outfit, even my schlumpiest mom clothes. I like to think I distracted innocent bystanders from all the baby urp with the bright colors and fun shapes. Lots of companies make similar products, so keep your eye out for the brands that appeal most to you. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on my necklace and two bracelets when I remember to wear them. I would especially recommend them for airplane travel as well because they never set off the metal detectors, and I have a built-in set of teethers and playthings.

Chewbeads Jane teething necklace

Jane Necklace from Chewbeads

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