Fasten Diapers Securely

Keeping Prefolds in Place is a Snapsnappis-1

  • What: Snappi Cloth Diaper Clips
  • When: From birth through the end of cloth diapers
  • Why: Hold prefolds in place with angel wing fold
  • Where: Amazon

If you decide the wraparound style cloth diaper fold is for you, make sure you check out Snappis diaper closures. Snappis replace the old school diaper pins, and keep a cloth diaper folded in what’s commonly called the angel wing fold in place. Because I experimented with everything cloth in a quest to figure out what I did wrong (answer: shopping. I should’ve bought pocket diaper inserts from the get go, but I had no idea. Even a different brand of prefolds would’ve made things much less wet.), I invested in a pack of Snappis. They worked great for keeping folded diapers in place on active kids.

Snappis come in a t-shape made entirely of plastic. Each end of the T has a row of little plastic teeth that grab the cloth diaper, and a handle to tug which makes removing them a snap.The plastic material stretches to get a good grip and pull the diaper inwards once fastened. They come in a selection of colors, and also apparently come in two sizes, which is news to me.

I ultimately went with the column folding method because I couldn’t contain my wriggly babies and wrap the prefolds around them (and I preferred to fold a big batch at a time), but attaching the Snappi to the cloth diaper was the easy part of that process.

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