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Change Diapers on the Go Without Skipping a Beat


  • What: Skip Hop Pronto Portable Changing Mat Station
  • When: Birth throughout diapering
  • Why: Sanitary changing on the go, everything close at hand
  • Where: Amazon

If you need a changing mat for your outings, look no further than Skip Hop’s truly awesome Pronto Changing Station. Pronto can be carried alone, or tucks inside a bag with ease. I love that the changing mat zips off, and I’ve never used another changing mat in more than six years of diaper changes out and about. When I got a diaper bag, even a Skip Hop one, I immediately removed the accompanying coordinating diaper changing mat, and replaced it with my beloved Skip Hop Pronto mat.

Skip Hop Pronto Portable Changing Mat Station on Amazon

The Pronto comes with a wrist strap that features a buckle. Not only can I carry it as a wristlet myself – which I never ever did – but it hooked easily onto stroller handles of all types, and just about anything else you might want to attach it to.

The pockets inside held extra diapers and the wipes case with ease, yet I had them close by during changing sessions. I had no trouble packing an entire extra outfit in the changer, and the zippered pocket on the front still had room for any extras I wanted to throw in, such as sanitizing wipes or hand sanitizer. The attached pockets hang down in easy reach even from the smallest folding changing table in public restrooms. It easily holds several disposable or cloth diapers, as well as my wet bag for carrying home soiled cloth diapers.

The extra flaps extending on each side sold me on the Skip Hop Pronto. I’ve never seen another changing mat that offers the extra wide material like that. I also love the padded head cushion. Like all changing mats, the material wipes clean with one easy swipe. The flaps stay folded in with Velcro, which I can undo with one hand. I can’t recommend the Skip Hop Pronto enough, and it’s my go-to gift for first time parents.

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