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Keep Essentials Close at Hand


  • What: Phubby Wrist Cubby/Arm Wallet
  • Why: Women’s clothes lack pockets
  • When: Maternity and after
  • Where: Amazon

I invested in the Phubby Wrist Wallet during my third pregnancy. Maternity clothes do not come with enough pockets – or in a lot of cases, any pockets. That wasn’t as big an issue during the winter, when I wore jackets and vests with pockets without attempting to close them.

But during the last summer months of my pregnancy, I wore almost exclusively skirts. My third child came out two pounds heavier than either of my other two kids, and even my maternity wardrobe (which I didn’t even use for my first pregnancy) didn’t stretch that far.

Because I never got enough sleep, spent my time chasing two toddlers, and didn’t have pockets, I never seemed to remember my phone. Enter the Phubby Wrist Wallet. I attached it to my wrist in the morning and slid my phone into it. It was as convenient as a pocket, but I could see the phone on the inside of my wrist. I needed my phone on me constantly when my kids went to preschool (in case the school called), but I hated having to pull it out and check it constantly. It got much better reception in the mesh case on my wrist than it ever did in my purse or pocket.

Phubby Wrist Cell Phone Holder and Wallet on Amazon

Best of all, I could see the phone and even read texts through the mesh fabric, and I didn’t need to pull the phone out of the pocket to check the time or see if I had missed any calls.

After that summer, I haven’t worn it as often because I have been reintroduced to the joy of pockets. But to this day, I keep it in my bag, so I can leave my purse or diaper bag behind and take only the essentials with me for trips to the park or coffee store. It easily holds my ID and car key instead of my phone if needed.

I wouldn’t count on it being comfortable if your phone is bigger than your wrist. In that case, your wrist won’t bend normally and it will feel awkward carrying it around there. But if your wrist measures wider than whatever you’d like to put in the pocket, it works very well.

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