Simply Silly

Best Combination Bib for Water Playsilly-billyz-long-sleeved-bib-1

  • What: Silly Billyz Long Sleeve Bib
  • When: 12-36 months
  • Why: Absorbent and lots of coverage
  • Where: Amazon

While I don’t normally advocate for long-sleeved or fabric bibs because you have to wash them so much more frequently than the easy to rinse plastic versions, we received a  Silly Billyz Long Sleeve Bib in a bag of hand me downs. I’ve never used it for eating because I think it’s easier to push sleeves up than try to cover them, and because skin is easier to clean after eating than fabric.

But for water play, this bib worked wonders. I parked my toddlers by the bathroom sink with a step stool and a cup and they entertained themselves for much longer than I needed to take a shower. That came in handy when your kids can’t bear to be separated from you and you can’t bear to have them in the shower with you.

It comes in two sizes, and the large fits kids from one to three years old. I’m sure it would work well for art projects, too. The bib sports a great combination of the two most popular bib materials: easy to rinse and quick drying plastic, and absorbent thick fabric, both strategically placed. The slick sleeve material washes off easily, while the front bib portion soaks up moisture and prevents it from seeping to layers underneath. An easy Velcro fastening at the back makes it a cinch to get on and off (though the newest version appears to sport snaps instead), whether it is clean, wet, or covered in the latest art inspiration materials.

I kept an eye on my kids while they played at the bathroom sink through the clear parts of the shower curtain while enjoying my allotted time under the hot water spray. The bib kept their clothes dry, and helped prevent water from sloshing onto the floor or stool. Soaked clothes dry, but I found it easier to have this bib hanging on a hook ready to go for spur of the moment bathroom playtime and clean up.

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