Hats Off To Zutano

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Best Baby and Toddler Hats

  • What: Zutano Cotton Baby Hats
  • When: Birth and beyond
  • Why: Best fit, longevity, durability
  • Where: Amazon

I get compliments on these Zutano Baby Printed Cotton Hats whenever we go out, and I can see why. I can’t get enough of them. I have one for each child at any given moment. They are thick enough to go under a hood in winter and thin enough to provide sun protection without overheating in the summer. At one point, none of my kids would wear any other kind of hat, so it’s lucky they overhang enough to provide some shade for their eyes.

Zutano Baby Printed Cotton Hat on Amazon

I love the Zutano brand for their wide range of bright patterns and tons of adorable unisex colors. The prices can be intimidating, but I can often score a great deal on Amazon. If you don’t have strong feelings about your particular pattern, you can get a hat for under $10. These lightweight hats pack easily for a quick trip to the store or a multi-week tour abroad.

My two oldest sporting their Zutano Baby Hats at ages 2 and 3.5 years old.

The bigger sizes last for years, by simply folding down the bottom to make it longer. My six year old, whose head size has always been smack in the middle of the bell curve, can and does still wear his size 18 to 24 month hat. (I scored it in a sale bin.) The stretchy material dramatically expands the lifespan of these printed hats. Be careful when shopping online – the size 18 to 24 months hat can be listed as either 18 or  24 months, but it’s the same size.

At not quite 4 and 2.5 years old, they’ve switched hats for the day – and the sizes still work!

Not a single one of our many Zutano baby hats has a hole, and they’ve all seen plenty of everyday wear and tear. The worst thing that’s happened? My youngest child’s hat had the fabric ball on top come off.

You can see all the available patterns and colors online at Zutano. The style we like most is listed under Beanies, though the cozy fleece hats are great, too. (But they don’t stretch as much so kids grow out of them quicker.) Their patterns change quickly, so if you see something you love, grab it.

You can see how the overhang provides shade for little eyes.

I personally go for the stripes collections. But my youngest, at age nine months, refused to consider any other kind of hat except Zutano. It got so bad I bought a Zutano brand sunhat, thinking he might wear that. It’s made from the same material only with a brim and tie added. No such luck. He even defeated the tie and insisted on his super hero patterned Zutano cotton baby hat. Keep in mind he couldn’t even talk yet, but he made his wishes abundantly clear. Obviously I’m not the only one who loves this brand and style of hat.

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