Color Water Beautiful

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Bath Time Enrichment

  • What: Color My Bath Color-Changing Bath Tablets
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Fun, affordable, and easy clean up
  • Where: Amazon

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to add bath time appeal, look at Color My Bath H2O La La Color Changing Bath Tablets.

My kids love these tablets. You drop one in the bathtub (or cup of water or any other water container for play) and the water changes to blue, red, or yellow. You can combine tablets to make green, purple, and orange, and most shades in between, depending on how many of which color you add. The tablets come in two sizes. The big ones provide more color for a bathtub of water, but the little ones can be useful for mixing colors.

Color My Bath H2O La La Color Changing Bath Tablets on Amazon

All three of my kids love them. The only caveat: they look similar to vitamins. Don’t forget, like we did with our youngest, to remind your kids they go in the water only. Luckily they are super safe. All three of my kids have suffered from sensitive skin(including one I don’t even wash with anything but water anymore), and none of them have had any reaction to these color tablets. They color only the bath water, and don’t stain the tub, kids, bath toys, towels, or anything else.

They make a great gift for one or more children. With 300 pieces per container, they come with plenty for sharing, and the color cleans up even easier than bath toys.

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