Tiny Toys to Love

Tiny Love jiggling hippo toy with large clip attachment

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Jiggling Colors Catch Lots of Attention

Tiny Love Toy 1

  • What: Tiny Love Tiny Smart Rattle Toy
  • When: Birth to two years
  • Why: Attaches to almost anything, fascinating to infants
  • Where: Amazon

I can’t remember the vast majority of infant toys from seven years ago, so they rarely rank high on my list of things to  share. But I’m making an exception for the Tiny Love Tiny Smart Giraffe Toy Tiny Love Tiny Smarts Jittering Giraffe, which I can recall quite clearly because we still own it.

Tiny Love Tiny Smarts Jittering Activity Toy on Amazon

I received this jittering giraffe as a gift, and loved it because my infant loved it. It has bright colors and soft textures any infant might like, because, let’s face it, what an infant might adore is always a guessing game, even for parents. But the jiggling movement and sound seemed to captivate all three of my children.

I loved the huge plastic clip attachment, which allowed me to stick it anywhere: on a play mat, a swing, the Johnny Jump Up, a stroller, a baby carrier, the strap of my diaper bag, or an infant car seat handle (if you use one of those).

Tiny Love Tiny Smart Rattle, Harry Hippo on Amazon

Then a hippo version arrived in a monthly subscription box (which has since ceased to exist, much to my sadness), and my second child was truly enthralled. I never went anywhere without it, a task made easy by the giant clip that attached to anything. I would highly recommend these toys for first time parents, as great gifts for infants on any occasion, or even just because you want to make sure your second (or third or fourth) child also has one brand new toy of their own.

We still have both of ours, and at ages two, four, and six, I’m going to have to part with them sooner rather than later. I’ve never washed either of them with anything other than a baby wipe, because I worried it might no longer jiggle after being submersed in water. And yet both still look almost brand new, despite intense love from my infants.

In case you prefer tamer animals, Tiny Love offers a frog, cow, and elephant versions.

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