Detangling Demystified

Best Product for Removing Tangles Without TearsHonest Company Detangler 1

  • What: Honest Company Conditioning Detangler
  • When: Once tangles appear
  • Why: Prevent and remove tangles painlessly
  • Where: Amazon

My cousin hooked me up with Honest Company’s Conditioning Detangler The Honest Company Conditioning Detangler on a recent visit, and I should’ve asked her earlier. Now I can’t believe we lived without it for so many years.

My first two kids were basically bald for three or more years, so I didn’t worry about things like combs and brushes, much less detangling products. I had a good solution for cradle cap and I was good to go.

But by the time my oldest reached his third birthday, his curly hair needed some attention. I started with a haircut, but he prefers his curls longer. That left him with some serious dreads on some days, but I didn’t stress about it.

Then my daughter’s hair finally started coming in around age three and a half. Her hair has some wave to it, but it’s much finer and less curly. Her hair, instead of looking fashionably frizzy, just looks tangled, particularly in the back. Both kids hate me combing their hair, perhaps because I never subjected them to it at younger ages. (I had no reason to since they had nothing to comb.)

Now we all love this spray. It’s a leave in spray, so I don’t need to wrestle them to rinse it out. It can be used on wet or dry hair, and it works like a charm. Tangles practically fall out. I feel sad we missed out on using it for more than a year before I knew it existed.

It’s from the Honest Company and has a cosmetics database rating of 2 , which means I can trust the brand and the fact that it’s not likely to give my kids cancer later in life. It works equally well on my daughter’s fine tresses as my son’s thick curly locks. Both of them screamed in horror the first time I tried to use it on them, so I sprayed it on my own hair. Two seconds later, they argued about who got to use it first, and we’ve never looked back.

Best of all, it has a pleasant but not overpowering light orange vanilla scent. My kids wear hats and between that and the hours they spend in bed, it feels like their hair gets tangled constantly. One application of this stuff not only helps me get the tangles out painlessly, but it seems to help keep the tangles at bay for several days after application.

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