Wubbanub Love

Wubbanub pacifier with small frog attached

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End the Frantic Search for Pacifiers

Wubbanub Pacifier 1

  • What: Wubbanub Soothie Pacifier
  • When: Birth to six months
  • Why: Easier to find, harder to lose
  • Where: Amazon

If you came home from the hospital with a baby, chances are these days you came home with a Soothie pacifier or two as well. The aqua blue silicone pacifier has become quite popular in the last decade. They don’t, however, give you a Wubbanub – a Soothie pacifier attached to a small stuffed animal. That may seem silly for an infant who doesn’t care about toys yet.

But I find the stuffed animal almost purely practical. Though I can’t deny the cuteness factor, the animal makes it easier to find the pacifier in your diaper bag, stroller, crib, or pretty much anywhere else in your house. If you’ve never spent a night with a screaming infant while you frantically searched for the missing binky, maybe you won’t appreciate expediting the locating process.

Wubbanub Giraffe Infant Pacifier on Amazon

But for anyone who has spent any time on their hands and knees searching for the elusive pacifier, the animal makes total sense. Even better, once your infant can grasp things, it’s much easier for them to grab onto the soft legs of an animal than to maneuver a smaller, plastic pacifier. That means your little one becomes more independent with their pacifier sooner. Believe me when I say that’s better for everyone involved.

My middle child loved hers so much (and she didn’t even use a pacifier regularly) that her Wubbanub curbed her fits instantly. I would pop it into sight and she stopped screaming and started grabbing it. Even at nearly five years old, she would comfort herself with the soft cuddly animal and gnaw on the silicon to soothe herself if only I’d give it back to her.

My two year old would also sleep with both of his if we’d let him. I routinely sneak them out and put them away, and he regularly inquires about their whereabouts. Why does he have two, you ask? I loved the one I received as a gift for my second child so much (and at two and half when she became a big sister I knew without a doubt she wouldn’t part with hers) that I added it to my gift list. I got two.

Mary Meyer Wubbabun Plush Caterpillar Pacifier on Amazon

They come in a wide variety of animals. Our first one was a frog, followed by a dog and dino. But they come in elephants, lambs, bunnies, monkeys, kitties, turtles, puppies, dragons, octopi, cows, lions, tigers, bears, owls, foxes, giraffes,and caterpillars. I love the Mary Meyer brand of stuffed animals, and their Wubbanub is no exception. But you can buy any of the varieties and get something super sweet.

Need to clean your Wubbanub? Toss it in the washing machine and it will come out as good as new.

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