Flushing Poop

Bumkins cloth diaper liners

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Disposable Cloth Diaper Liners

Bumkins Liners

  • What: Bumkins Flushable Liners
  • When: For cloth diapers after babies start solid foods
  • Why: Flush the mess down the toilet
  • Where: Amazon

I’ve used Bumkins Flushable Diaper Liners for years now – so long, in fact, that I can’t remember any other options.

Bumkins Flushable Diaper Liners on Amazon

You don’t need any type of liner until your infant starts solid foods. Before that, poop is more liquid than solid and although you could use a liner, the poop would still seep through to layers underneath. Once solid foods kick in, however, and solid poop starts coming down the pipeline, a flushable liner can make all the difference.

With my first born, I tried flannel liners. I liked them fine, but I only owned five and those did not last even five days. I tossed them into the diaper pail with the dirty diapers and washed them in the same load. In that respect, they worked great. But I had already spent a decent sum investing in my cloth diaper collection, and didn’t relish the idea of spending more to get a reasonable number of liners.

Since you don’t dump the entire flannel liner into the toilet, I didn’t love that the liners only got a bit more poop off than dumping the poop from the diapers directly.

Bumkins Liners 2
A Bumkins flushable liner on the left next to a flannel reusable liner on the right.

Then I discovered Bumkins. I don’t even remember how. But it definitely extended the time we used cloth diapers, and thus our investment. Flushable liners meant that I took the entire liner and flush it down the toilet. They act like toilet paper – only with more poop on them.

As far as I’m concerned, the more poop that goes in the toilet and the less I have to launder, the better for everyone involved. I like Bumkins because their width allows me to tuck the liner around the sides of my cloth diaper prefolds or inserts. That in turn meant that it caught more poop and left me with clean bits of liner to handle since poop doesn’t walk itself into the toilet.

I like flushable liners so much that I don’t use pocket diapers. I never figured out how to get the same coverage without the liner sticking outside the pocket diaper cover. In the end, I used my pocket diapers as diaper covers for my inserts covered with a liner and moved along quite happily.

Bumkins Liners 1
These diaper liners really helped me stick with cloth diapering.

I order two to three boxes of Bumkins liners at a time, and when I start my last box, I order more. I can’t give any feedback on how other brands perform because I’ve never used anything else. But if you haven’t tried any flushable liners, it can change your opinions on cloth diapering. Definitely give it a go.

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