Storks Don’t Deliver

Reproductive Fact Versus FictionIt's Not the Stork

  • What: It’s Not the Stork book
  • When: Ages 4 – 7 years
  • Why: Explain the birds and bees in an age appropriate way
  • Where: Amazon

Has your preschooler started asking when you’re going to have another baby in your belly? How about how babies get in your belly? If, like me, they catch you off guard with the simple questions with not-so-simple answers, take a look at It’s Not the Stork!.

This book offers matter-of-fact answers paired with cartoon illustrations about anything related to anatomy, from body parts to how babies are made. While it’s probably too long for a cover to cover read for most four year olds, it gives parents the age appropriate vocabulary to talk about anything that comes up. Even better, the table of contents lets you skip to the pages most relevant to your child’s burning desire for answers.

It starts with an overview of girls and boys’ bodies: how they differ as well as how they are the same. It segues nicely from anatomy to a brief introduction to growing up, followed by a discussion of sperm and eggs. From there, it goes on to explain how sperm and eggs get together, and what happens next in a way young kids can understand. How does the baby get its food provides one popular example. It covers birth as well, so it offers great preparation for any kids about to become older siblings.

It addresses the concept of families and how they may look different but all have common features. More importantly, this book gives you a conversation about what’s appropriate and inappropriate for touching and by whom. All these topics have factual information communicated without any bias.

Have older kids? The series goes on with more complex explanations as kids get older. Check out It’s So Amazing for kids ages 7-10 years old or It’s Perfectly Normal for ages 10 and up.

Even if your kids never take a peek at it, if you read this book, you’ll be prepared for the inevitable questions on these topics and many more.

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