Brush the Blues Away

Baby Brush for Old and Young KidsBaby Hair Brush 1

  • What: Baby brush
  • When: As soon as your baby has hair
  • Why: Soft and gentle
  • Where: Amazon

I received a baby hair brush and comb set for my first child. I never used it, because as previously mentioned, my first two kids didn’t have hair. Their hair fell out by age three weeks and took about three years to come back in, so I never needed to think about combs or brushes or anything of that nature.

Then my son’s curly hair came in enough that it tangled. I combed it, which I found a reasonable response. He had a different opinion. All I had to do was pull out a comb and he screamed like a banshee. I persevered, bribing him with electronics and other severely restricted items to get him to sit still, but neither of us was very happy.

Then a friend of mine, whose kid has had hair for much longer, enlightened me. She used her baby brush on her five year old, and I thought – I have one of those stuck somewhere. I went home, pulled it out, and lo and behold, my son didn’t scream. I still gave him the electronics, but I brushed his hair with much fewer complaints and frustration on both our parts.

I can’t say if quality varies between brands of baby brushes, though they do come in both plastic and wooden versions. Even if you don’t end up using it immediately, keep your baby brush handy. You never know when your child might get enough hair to use it.

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