Double Duty Burp Cloth Bibs

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Bibbidi Bobbidi Burp

aden + anais burp cloth bib in circles print with orange trim
  • What: Aden and Anais Burpy Bib
  • When: Birth to age three
  • Why: Dual purpose, super thick and absorbent
  • Where: Amazon

I’m a huge fan of waterproof plastic bibs that catch spills and don’t absorb liquids. But before you need a bib, you need a burp cloth. I received a pack of two of aden + anais Classic Burpy Bibs, and that’s how I discovered them. They make great burp cloths. The curved cut away shape lays perfectly over your shoulder and goes down far enough in both front and back to catch most baby urp.

Aden + anais burp cloth contoured worn over shoulder
The odd kidney shape means it nestles around the neck to stay in place and catch all the  baby urp.

I bought a stack of plain washcloths and re-purposed my old prefold cloth diapers (which made terrible diapers but could handle the occasional yarp without an issue) to use, but I loved these actual burp cloths. The patterns made me want to use them, in stark contrast to the plain white of my other options, which didn’t remain white long. I loved that they reversed to reveal even more cute patterns. The thick material staunched even the worst bout of vomiting but cleaned easily and dried fast. Each washing made the muslin material softer, too.

aden + anais Classic Burpy Bib 2 Pack on Amazon

Once you pass the stage where you leave the house with yarp protection, you probably need of a bib because your baby eats solid foods. The same curved shape fits well around little necks to protect them from spills. They don’t have a pocket, so they work better for younger babies who haven’t moved beyond mush yet. They also snap in back, which I prefer to Velcro, as my kid can’t undo it at will. They don’t adjust much with only one snap closure, but I let any remaining fabric drape down the back with no problem.

teddy bear wearing aden+ anais burp cloth bib as bib
These burp cloths can also be worn as bibs thanks to the handy snap.

I personally prefer my beloved Bumkins bibs for older kids. But my two and half year old still prefers these bibs. After several rounds with spaghetti sauce and worse left sitting for several days, I can still admire those cute patterns on both sides.

ideal baby Burpy Bibs on Amazon

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