Covering Your Cloth Diaper Pail

Thirsties cloth diaper pail liner inside pail

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Drawing a Liner

Thirsties Liner 1

  • What: Thirsties Diaper Pail Liner
  • When: Birth until potty trained
  • Why: Leakproof, durable
  • Where: Amazon

If you use cloth diapers, you have probably already figured out a diaper pail solution that works for you. Hopefully, you have a diaper pail liner, too. While using cloth diapers doesn’t require you to use a liner, it sure beats cleaning pee and poop off the pail itself.

I have no idea what we used before I discovered Thirsties Diaper Pail Liner. I scored a Thirsties liner only a couple weeks into our cloth diaper journey because whatever we had didn’t work out.

I loved the elastic around the opening of the Thirsties liner that kept it fitted around the edges of the pail. It naturally gathered the edges, too, when I removed the entire sack. The material kept moisture from soaking into the liner itself, though I found it counterintuitive to keep the coated side on the inside because it looked less nice than the other side. But it worked like a charm.

Thirsties Diaper Pail Liner on Amazon

I folded the open end over the pail edge and called it good. I used it on both my cloth diaper pails, though the opening and capacities differed in size. Thirsties liners fit up to 54 quarts, which equals a medium size trash can. Although my pails held 24 and 28 liters, the extra fabric collected in the bottom of the pail and stayed tucked out of the way. The excess material offered me plenty of room to grab it when I took it out of the pail for laundry duty.

I only washed the liner every third or fourth load of diapers when I noticed it had some poop or a distinct odor. Then I threw it into the wash with the cloth diapers themselves and hung it to dry. You can throw it in the dryer as well, but since I air dried my diaper covers (they dry super quick), I tossed the liner onto the line with them.

When I didn’t wash the liner, I took the entire pail to the washing machine and dumped them in. Otherwise, I pulled the bag out and took that instead. Mine held many pounds of laundry with ease and never ripped or tore, which worked out for me because though I loved cloth diapers, I don’t love picking up soiled diapers off the floor because my bag broke.

It comes in at least seven different colors to choose from, so you can find something that appeals to you or matches your nursery or bathroom decor (or wherever else you put your diaper pail). The newest version includes a closure strap for use outside the pail, for instance on your way to the washing machine.

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