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Fat Brain toys Spin Again toy

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All Gears Twirling

Spinagain 1

  • What: Spinagain Toy
  • When: 12 months and up
  • Why: Appeals to large age range, improves coordination
  • Where: Amazon

We had friends over for brunch recently, and kids from ages 2 to almost 9 played with this spinning toy Spinagain Toy. Though the manufacturer markets the spinning gear and flower shape toy for toddlers, it still fascinate me, too. You can stack the gears on the threaded stick and watch them spin to the bottom. For even more fun, turn it upside down (with or without the base attached), and watch them spin off, one after the other. You can stack them in any order and watch them go. The bright colors attract attention for younger kids, and the motion captures the attention of older ones, and the noise of them banging the ground and one other seems to please everyone under twenty.

Fat Brain Kids Spinagain Toy on Amazon

Because the stick comes apart from the base, you can easily to store or pack it (if, say, you receive these as a gift and have to get them home in a suitcase). They are taller than traditional stacking rings, though, so take that into consideration when thinking about storing them on shelves, as they may be too tall. I like them because they entertain but clean up quick, yet novel enough that most people don’t have a set, which makes them a great gift for younger kids that can last for years.

The base itself reverses. The flat side keeps the corkscrew still for younger kids working on hand eye coordination skills. The other curved side lets the base wobble as you add rings, and increases the fun as well as the dexterity required to load all six gears successfully.

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