Pump Preference

Enjoying the Letdown and Avoiding Pumping PitfallsHygeia Enjoy Pump 1

  • What: Hygeia Enjoye Breast Pump
  • When: Birth to weaning
  • Why: Multiple adjustable settings, more comfortable to use
  • Where: Amazon or your healthcare provider

When we registered before my first baby arrived, my husband loved the electronic gun that could scan bar codes to add items to our list. I let him hold the scanner. We looked at breast pumps, and the only brand available in store was Medela. I told him in no uncertain terms that he couldn’t scan something for my breasts. He proved me wrong in the next instant, and of course I had no idea how to remove an item with the scanner.

I could’ve taken it off later, but didn’t want to, because I didn’t know any better. Brands can make a difference. For something you might use at least once and as many as ten times a day, make sure you investigate all your options.

I ended up with a Medela Breast Pump with my first two kids anyway because it came free from a mom I worked with whose milk never came in. It’s hard to complain about free things, especially when it comes to baby stuff, which adds up in cost quickly even without a $300 breast pump.

I had a love hate affair with my Medela. I used it, but for the first several weeks, I had no idea the breast shields came in different sizes. I cried every time I used it, but my son was losing weight and I felt strongly about increasing my supply. So I pumped many times a day despite my discomfort.

By the time my third pregnancy rolled around, a nurse in the maternity program at my new insurance company informed me that I was entitled to a breast pump free of charge. I had the Affordable Care Act of 2010 to thank for that, because it requires all insurance companies to cover breastfeeding supplies. I had three choices, but I already owned a Medela Pump In Style from my previous pregnancies. I hated pumping with a passion, so I decided it couldn’t hurt to try a new brand.

Boy am I ever glad I did! I choose a Hygeia Enjoye pump based on the brands available to me through my insurance. I researched each one, and the Hygeia had the best reviews. Now I know why. I loved that thing. And it loved me. Although I rarely pumped more than two ounces in a single session with my first two kids (and I pumped anywhere from once a day to after every feeding), I regularly hit ten and even twelve or more ounces with the Hygeia. I enjoyed sitting down to pump. The independent speed and suction controls allowed me to perfect pumping and optimize output.

I had so much breastmilk with my third pregnancy I donated several hundred ounces to a friend. Instead of dreading getting up in the middle of the night, I enjoyed the comfort of relieving my too full boobs. I even woke up without my alarm to pump some nights.

I’m not saying my supply issues depended entirely on the brand of breast pump I used. But if you have trouble with your supply, trying another brand and see if anything changes.

I left mine plugged in beside my bed for ease of nighttime pumping. I also used a freezer pack and an insulated carrying case once I finished pumping, so I didn’t even have to get out of bed to put the pumped milk in the fridge, which resulted in more sleep and thus a happier me.

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