Zutano Baby Blankets

Zutano baby blanket orange solid side with navy trim and car print on aqua background

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Super Snuggly Blankets for Babies, Toddlers, and More

Zutano baby blanket orange solid side with navy trim and car print on aqua background
  • What: Zutano Baby Blankets
  • When: Birth to five years
  • Why: Super soft, adorable, long lasting
  • Where: Amazon

Each of my three kids has one of these Zutano Baby Blankets from Amazon. I love the Zutano brand for all their cute, unisex patterns and super soft fabrics. I can’t get enough of their hats, which last much longer than you might expect based on the size labels. But the blankets beat even the hats for longevity, because one size fits all from newborn to five years and beyond. My six and half year old still has his Zutano blanket in his bunk bed. Though it can no longer accommodate his lanky frame, he still sleeps with it every night.

Each blanket features one of their adorable prints on one side, with a coordinating stripe pattern or solid color on the reverse. The edges are trimmed in a contrasting solid color and the combination really works. Patterns come in unisex or gender specific options, but I haven’t met one I didn’t love yet. Zutano makes enough patterns that I can’t list under one link, so make sure you search to see all your options.

Zutano Unisex Printed Baby Blankets on Amazon

We have a train print, fox print, and woodland friends print. My daughter uses hers to tuck her baby dolls in and I’m still using my two and half year old’s twice a day to tuck him in for naps and bedtime.

Of course you can’t use any loose blankets in the crib before six months due to safety concerns. But you can certainly use these starting at birth on the floor as a play mat, on top of other play mats (these blankets are much easier to throw in the wash after a round or two of baby urp during tummy time than the bigger play mats themselves), or to keep a baby warm while in a bouncy seat, swing, or car seat.

Zutano Blankets 2
My son playing trains on his train print Zutano blanket.

They start out soft but get almost silky with wear. None of mine has any stains or tears, and we’ve had two of them five years or more. They cost more than some baby blankets out there but they wear really well. They make great options for baby registries, showers, and gifts for special occasions. If you need a great gift that can be used again for the next child regardless of gender (if the first one ever agrees to part with it that is), take a look at all the great colors and patterns available for these wonderful Zutano baby blankets.

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