Slip On Crib Shoes

My Favorite Protection For FeetRobeez Boots 1

  • What: Robeez Boots
  • When: Six to twelve months
  • Why: Soft soled non-slip support that stays put
  • Where: Amazon

I’ve covered my opinions on footwear for infants who aren’t mobile as well as those who have started walking. But I neglected to mention my favorites for anyone in between those two stages of mobility: Robeez Boots.

Robeez Boots 2

My first born wearing his brown Robeez boots.

I scored a pair of Robeez boots when my eldest son was two months old. On a whim, I went into a consignment shop and picked up a pair in brown for $5. I had no idea what I had, since they didn’t fit his small feet for many more months. But once they did, I rejoiced. Normal Robeez cost $25 or more brand new, and although I’ve used plenty of their slippers, I didn’t love any of them. Not so for the boots. I still think they look super cute and more importantly, they stay put. I’ve never gone back to look for one. They provide just enough support for kids crawling around and investigating standing upright, and work great indoors. The no slip soft leather soles don’t limit little growing feet but prevent spills, unlike a lot of socks and even my beloved Zutano slippers.

They slip easily onto wiggling feet and tug off without disturbing sleep just as easily. They come up high enough to cover that awkward gap between the end of pants and the top of socks when sitting upright in a stroller. You know which one I mean – the one that needs extra sunscreen in summer and extra coverage in winter. All three of my kids used our secondhand pair and I passed them along once we finished as well. So even though I didn’t pay full price, knowing what I know now, I would. They wipe clean though since we didn’t wear them outdoors ours never got that dirty.

Robeez Boots 3

My second child wearing the same pair of boots.

The size ranges from birth to 24 months, though I loved them best for that in-between stage. If you love them as much as I do, you can buy them in several sizes to make them last even longer.

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