Magnetic Baby Pajamas

Magnificent Baby brand pajamas with magnet closures in elephant print

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Magic Magnets Replace Snaps and Zippers

Magnificent Baby brand pajamas with magnet closures in elephant print

  • What: Magnificent Baby Magnetic Closure Clothes
  • When: Birth to 12 months or 4 years, depending on style
  • Why: Beats matching snaps and pinching zippers
  • Where: Amazon

Have you encountered these fabulous magnetic closure clothes, like the Magnificent Baby Unisex Footie? They didn’t exist until my third child came into existence. After two kids, I was drowning in baby clothes. I got a pair anyway. In all fairness, I couldn’t justify spending the money on something we already owned at least twenty pairs of, so I added a pair of pajamas to my third child’s wish list. Luckily, by the time you have three kids, you not only have all the clothes you need, but everything else, too. So his wish list offered slim pickings, and we got a pair of these clothes to try.

Magnificent Baby Girls Footie Clothes on Amazon

I loved them. I loved not having to match up the snaps. I snapped so many clothes wrong in my time that I swore off snaps. I used zippers exclusively and gave away almost all the pajamas and rompers with snap closures. (I kept a few items I loved despite snaps in the diaper changing area, and of course no onesies come with anything but snaps in the crotch area.)

Magnificent Baby Boys Footie Clothes on Amazon

I only had one pair of these pajamas and my child outgrew them quickly by the time we got them. But I shoved him into them as long as I possibly could, then a few extra weeks on top of that because I loved them so.

Baby wearing striped Magnificent Baby magnetic closing pajamas
My third child squeezed into his 6 month size Magnificent Baby sleeper at age 3 months.

I would only complaint about the limited sizes in sleeper styles. They come in preemie to nine months old, but my chunky third baby could barely squeeze into the six month size at three months. Ideally, they would offer at least one more larger size, so that we could’ve worn them for the full first year. They do make jackets and coordinating pant suits in bigger sizes, so hopefully bigger pajamas might appear as well.

Magnificent Baby Velour Hooded Jacket and Pants Set on Amazon

The complex maneuver of lining up snaps on a wiggling, crying baby can defeat even those with plenty of sleep. I have yet to meet a new parent who gets plenty of sleep. Whoever invented these magnetic closures deserves a prize. Instead of snapping, they attract each other and click together to form a fast and easy tight closure for both to undoing and reattaching.

I know some parents have a vast preference for snaps over zippers, but these magnetic closures beat both. Zippers can pinch soft baby skin, a feeling akin to clipping a paper thin baby fingernail too short. You feel terrible and the screams of outrage don’t improve the guilt. I had no such worries with magnets. Even if I managed to pinch their skin, cloth covers the magnets, so they don’t present a pinching or choking hazard.

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