Skwish Rattle and Teething Toy

Skwish baby rattle and teething toy by Manhattan Toy in color burst color scheme

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Squishy Fun for Babies

Skwish baby rattle and teething toy by Manhattan Toy in color burst color scheme

  • What: Skwish Baby Rattle and Teether by Manhattan Toy
  • When: Birth to twelve months
  • Why: Lightweight, packable, appealing to infants
  • Where: Amazon

Have you seen the Skwish Classic Baby Rattle and Teether by Manhattan Toy? You might’ve seen it out and about but not realized it has an official name. The first time I saw a Skwish, I had no idea what to call it, nor did I understand the appeal.

Skwish Classic Baby Rattle and Teether Toy on Amazon

Someone had it shoved into their diaper bag, and their baby reached in and pulled it out. I had no idea if it was even a toy, but of course I didn’t say anything. Shortly after that, I landed a new gig and lo and behold. They had a Skwish. Their kid adored it. So did the next kid. And the one after that. So much so, that by the time I got around to having my own kids, I had gotten sick of carrying it around everywhere we went.

Skwish weighs next to nothing, which does make carrying it everywhere less painful. It also means that babies can pick it up at an early age. And much like the popular Oball, they don’t cry if they bop themselves in the head with it. The many moving parts and bright colors attract attention and the way it flattens and changes shape fascinates kid. The flattening feature also helps when you’re trying to squish it into your bag with everything else necessary to leave the house (and then a few extra things just in case). It pops back to its original shape as soon as you stop smooshing it, so it can provide hours of fun for little ones trying to figure that out.

Skwish Color Burst Rattle and Teether Grasping Activity Toy on Amazon

Skwish also easily attaches with a link or two, though only the wider wooden dowels stay connected. (The thinner elastic connections slide straight through the tiny gaps that allow links to connect.) You can use Skwish at restaurants without worrying it will make too much noise, or in the stroller or car seat as needed. The beads on the dowels still slide freely back and forth even when attached to a link for loss prevention.

Now it apparently comes in a natural (code for white and wood) and color burst option. Just in case that’s not enough, you can get a Skwish mobile or a tabletop toy with a suction cup attachment. If you need a good gift for an infant or an extra toy to carry on the go, check out Skwish.

Skwish Stix Table Top Toy on Amazon

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