Total Baby Flop

My Total Sadness When My Go-To App for Everything Kid ExpiresTotal Baby home screen shot

  • What: Total Baby tracking app
  • When: Birth to whenever you get tired of it
  • Why not: Latest update contains bugs
  • Where: Outdated

I couldn’t have survived any of my children’s newborn months without Total Baby. I raved about how much I loved their app, which tracked everything from nursing to diapers to baths to any miscellaneous category you cared to add. I still use the app on a regular basis and it makes filling out forms for school a breeze because I have each kid’s vaccination information all in one place, and I can sort it by type. I loved the graphs and numbers, and especially the ability to add photos and diary moments as well as milestones.

My heart breaks, because as of this month, Total Baby no longer exists. It turns out that they did an update last August, and it ruined the app. I personally never updated my version, because the update included new icons and a different layout and I preferred the old familiar one. But now the breastfeeding timer, one of the most important features for new moms, won’t work correctly. As a result, the entire app tanked and they have removed it from the market.

I don’t have any personal experience with other apps because Total Baby did everything for me. It was the number one thing my husband and I recommended for any parents. I’ve heard good things about Baby Tracker and Mammababy, but I can’t speak to their interfaces personally. I’m too stressed about saving almost seven years of data from my current Total Baby app.

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