Baby Buzzer Beats the Bawling

Small World Toys IQ Baby Buzz'R vibrating flashing original toy

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How a Simple Toy Soothed My Screamer

Small World Toys IQ Baby Buzz'R vibrating flashing original toy

  • What: IQ Baby Baby Buzz’R
  • When: Birth until the screaming stops
  • Why: Soothe irritable infants
  • Where: Amazon

We received a Baby Buzz’R during my first pregnancy. I had no idea at the time how important it would become, since I’d never seen one before.

IQ Baby Baby Buzz'r

The Baby Buzz’R from IQ Baby.

Then my son arrived, screaming. And he continued to scream, especially during diaper changes when he wasn’t swaddled and being bounced. Enter the Baby Buzz’R from Smart Toys IQ Baby. I kept it on a shelf next to the changing table, and I handed it to him every time we changed a diaper. As soon as the buzzing vibrations came on, he magically calmed down.

IQ Baby Buzz'r Bee with red and blue baby chwing teether wings

This toy also came in a Bee or Turtle version.

It has three buttons on top. One turns on the buzzing, one makes lights on the cheeks flash on and off, and the third plays one of several classical music tunes. The affordable price and small size mean you can take it anywhere. The back side has a mirror, and the ears can be safely gnawed during teething or any other time. The company recommends it for ages 3 months and older, though I’ve no idea why anyone would wait that long as it has no small parts or other choking hazards.

If you also have a baby who screams and haven’t tried it yet, give the Baby Buzz’R a whirl. (UPDATE: You can only find these magical buzzers secondhand these days.)

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