Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play

Making Babies Inclined to SleepFisher Price Rock 'n Play Sleeper seat and rocker

  • What: Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper
  • When: Birth to rolling over
  • Why: Affordable portable place for baby to sleep
  • Where: Amazon

The Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play Sleeper debuted around the same time as my firstborn. We already has a bassinet on wheels, and enough bouncing equipment to survive by the time I learned of the existence of the Rock ‘n Play. But now that I’ve seen it in action for myself, I see the appeal of its affordability, ease of assembly, and portability. It folds up easily, can be carried with one hand, and fits through doorways even without folding.

I don’t know why babies love it so much, but everyone I know who uses it loves it. I suspect the inclined surface and contact with the sides keep babies comfortable, and I know infants with acid reflux benefit from the angle. The mesh fabric on either side breathes easily but still cradles an infant, so it simulates the close contact of being held. The height works for when you sit on the floor to play with your child, but your baby can be easily seen from standing height. The rocker also sits around the level of lots of beds, making it convenient as a beside sleeping place overnight. A swaddled baby fits comfortably inside, and the close confines keep blankets securely in place. But an unswaddled baby gets the same comfort. When your baby wiggles, it sets off the rocking motion to help soothe them.

The material comes off and can go straight into the washing machine for any unfortunate incidents from either end. Because it folds up narrowly, taking up about the same amount of space as the average folding chair, it’s easy to store between kids or out of the way if you need more room.

Fisher Price also makes an automatic rocking version and one complete with bells and whistles like music, projected images, and the ability to control it from your smartphone if you want to more features.

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