BeginAgain Green Ring Teether

Begin Again green ring teether with maple wood inner chew toy and bio resin outer chew ring

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Chew on This Teething Toy

Begin Again green ring teether with maple wood inner chew toy and bio resin outer chew ring

  • What: Two in one teething toy
  • When: Six months and up
  • Why: Two types of materials for chewing in one toy
  • Where: Amazon

If your child had entered the teething stage and you’re tired of being the object most often chewed, take a look at this Green Ring. It offers two dramatically different materials for little teeth to gnaw in a ring the width of a tennis ball, and increases the chances that they chew on safe materials and not on random things they find on the floor.

BeginAgain Green Keys Teether on Amazon

After they finish using it as a teething toy, you can fascinate them with the way the outer ring removes from the inner wooden circle. Both rings can fit over little wrists as a bracelet, and they entertain (or frustrate) themselves trying to remove it. The green ring, made from a soft cornstarch bio resin safe for both baby and the environment, can also go in the dishwasher for sterilizing

The outer ring sits inside a groove of the inner ring, and stays put. Adults can easily remove it, but little hands find it nearly impossible to separate the two, giving you control over the number of toys to keep track of. Snap the outer ring in place when you’re moving about, and pop them apart when you’ve settled in one place.

If you prefer non-gender neutral colors, the ring comes in pink and blue as well. It easily attaches to play mats, car seats, and other baby equipment with a few links for easy access without worry about it falling on the floor or getting left behind.

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