KidCo Outlet Covers

KidCo self closing outlet cover installed on wall with cord plugged in

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Best Brand for Outlet Safety

KidCo self closing outlet cover installed on wall with cord plugged in
  • What: KidCo Outlet Covers
  • When: Before your baby becomes mobile
  • Why: Keep kids from getting electrocuted or choking on outlet covers
  • Where: Amazon

We recently booted our kid’s crib from our bedroom. (He had two, one in our room and one in the kids’ room, but since we live in 1500 square feet, I thought we should reclaim some space.) That removal facilitated a complete rearranging of our bedroom furniture, which means I revealed an outlet that (GASP!) hadn’t gotten the baby safety treatment. In addition to not being safe (because it’s always been behind our bed and completely inaccessible – so inaccessible that I forgot it existed), it looked terrible with its faded yellowing outlet cover.

I went digging in our child safety stuff drawer and yanked out a new self-closing outlet cover, at which point I noticed and remembered how much I love the KidCo brand. The professional child proofing specialists I observed at various jobs used this brand to safeguard outlets.

KidCo Universal Outlet Cover Pack of 6 on Amazon

For kicks and giggles, as well as accuracy, I decided to time how long it took me to switch the cover out. I only had to remove and replace one screw in the middle (these outlet covers have the option to attach with a screw at the top and bottom of the plate as well, but lucky for me, ours have the one central screw option), but it took two minutes. That doesn’t include the time it took me to grab my convenient screwdriver to get the job done, but it also isn’t significantly longer than it takes to stick in a safety outlet plug, which can then become a choking hazard when not plugged into the socket.

But using an outlet cover plate provides much more protection, yet doesn’t affect my ability to use the outlet in any way.

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